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"""Collection of pre-built recovery kernels"""
from enum import IntEnum

__all__ = ['ErrorCode', 'FieldSamplingError', 'TimeExtrapolationError',
           'KernelError', 'OutOfBoundsError', 'recovery_map']

[docs]class ErrorCode(IntEnum): Success = 0 Repeat = 1 Delete = 2 Error = 3 ErrorOutOfBounds = 4 ErrorTimeExtrapolation = 5
[docs]class FieldSamplingError(RuntimeError): """Utility error class to propagate erroneous field sampling in Scipy mode""" def __init__(self, x, y, z, field=None): self.field = field self.x = x self.y = y self.z = z message = "%s sampled at (%f, %f, %f)" % ( if field else "Field", self.x, self.y, self.z ) super(FieldSamplingError, self).__init__(message)
[docs]class TimeExtrapolationError(RuntimeError): """Utility error class to propagate erroneous time extrapolation sampling in Scipy mode""" def __init__(self, time, field=None, msg='allow_time_extrapoltion'): if field is not None and field.grid.time_origin and time is not None: time = field.grid.time_origin.fulltime(time) message = "%s sampled outside time domain at time %s." % ( if field else "Field", time) if msg == 'allow_time_extrapoltion': message += " Try setting allow_time_extrapolation to True" elif msg == 'show_time': message += " Try explicitly providing a 'show_time'" super(TimeExtrapolationError, self).__init__(message)
[docs]class KernelError(RuntimeError): """General particle kernel error with optional custom message""" def __init__(self, particle, fieldset=None, msg=None): message = ("%s\nParticle %s\nTime: %s,\ttimestep dt: %f\n") % ( particle.state, particle, parse_particletime(particle.time, fieldset), particle.dt ) if msg: message += msg super(KernelError, self).__init__(message)
def parse_particletime(time, fieldset): if fieldset is not None and fieldset.time_origin: time = fieldset.time_origin.fulltime(time) return time def recovery_kernel_error(particle, fieldset, time): """Default error kernel that throws exception""" msg = "Error: %s" % particle.exception if particle.exception else None raise KernelError(particle, fieldset=fieldset, msg=msg)
[docs]class OutOfBoundsError(KernelError): """Particle kernel error for out-of-bounds field sampling""" def __init__(self, particle, fieldset=None, lon=None, lat=None, depth=None): if lon and lat: message = "Field sampled at (%f, %f, %f)" % ( lon, lat, depth ) else: message = "Out-of-bounds sampling by particle at (%f, %f, %f)" % ( particle.lon,, particle.depth ) super(OutOfBoundsError, self).__init__(particle, fieldset=fieldset, msg=message)
class OutOfTimeError(KernelError): """Particle kernel error for time extrapolation field sampling""" def __init__(self, particle, fieldset): message = "Field sampled outside time domain at time %s." % ( parse_particletime(particle.time, fieldset) ) message += " Try setting allow_time_extrapolation to True" super(OutOfTimeError, self).__init__(particle, fieldset=fieldset, msg=message) def recovery_kernel_out_of_bounds(particle, fieldset, time): """Default sampling error kernel that throws OutOfBoundsError""" if particle.exception is None: # TODO: JIT does not yet provide the context that created # the exception. We need to pass that info back from C. raise OutOfBoundsError(particle, fieldset) else: error = particle.exception raise OutOfBoundsError(particle, fieldset, error.x, error.y, error.z) def recovery_kernel_time_extrapolation(particle, fieldset, time): """Default sampling error kernel that throws OutOfTimeError""" raise OutOfTimeError(particle, fieldset) # Default mapping of failure types (KernelOp) # to recovery kernels. recovery_map = {ErrorCode.Error: recovery_kernel_error, ErrorCode.ErrorOutOfBounds: recovery_kernel_out_of_bounds, ErrorCode.ErrorTimeExtrapolation: recovery_kernel_time_extrapolation}